Although a relatively young industry in South Africa, the olive farmers are making a name for themselves in the International market. At the recent New York Internationnal Olive Oil Competion, the largest and most important Olive Oil contest of the year, a number of our local producers came out tops!

A leading panel of international experts tasted more than 700 extra virgin olive oils from around the globe to determine which deserve to be amongst the best in the world.

Amongst the top ones chosen, were Willow Creek, Vesuvio, Pallas Athena, Foxenburg Estate and Andante Forte.

This goes to prove that the South African olive industry is alive and well, and we can look forward to many more producers joining the ranks in the international market. Another major incentive to buy local, is that our harvest season is on right now, and we will be getting the freshest, purest olive oils available right here on our doorstep. Most of the imported olive oils that you find on the supermarket shelves right now, are already degrading as it has been in stock since last season.

Buy your Extra Virgin Olive Oil directly from our farmers, and get the best oils available right now.