How to Taste Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is chosen for its taste because it adds flavour and enhances the taste of your food.

It is very important to learn more about good quality olive oil and a good tasting technique, so that you can reawaken your senses, and make an educated choice when buying olive oil.

Points to remember

  • Peppery and bitter tastes makes the mouth very sensitive, so it is better not to taste more than six oils in one session. Start with the mildest oil, and progress to the stronger tastes.

  • Between tasting each oil, drink a bit of sparkling water, or eat a slice of apple.

  • Avoid drinking coffee, eating or smoking at least 30 min before tasting.

  • Use separate tasting glasses for each sampling.


  • Pour about 5ml of oil in a glass and rotate to wet the sides.

  • Warm the sides of the glass with palms of your hands to allow the aroma to escape, and cover the top of glass with your other hand to contain the aromas in the glass.

  • Wait for about 1 minute, then bring the glass to your nose. Inhale slowly and deeply about 3 times, savouring the flavour.


First note the intensity of the aroma and assess the distinctive fresh olive fruity flavour. The first impression should be the most distinctive. Other aromas are then noted. A Good quality, fresh oil should exhibit firstly a distinctive olive-fruity aroma, followed by pungent, green and bitter aromas.


  • Take a small sip, and roll over the tongue and round the mouth, making sure the inside of the mouth is covered.

  • With lips opened slightly, inhale 3 times rapidly through the mouth. This will help release the volatile aromas and it will pass up the nasal passages.

  • Memorize the flavours, and then spit the oil out.

Remember to clean your palate between each tasting.

Tasting Olive oil is similar to tasting wine. What is important in the end, is that you enjoy it. One should choose the oil that you like, as some people prefer light sweet oils; other prefer strong tastes with peppery notes.

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