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                       Wine and  Olive Tasting Tours

Join us on one of the wonderful Olive and Wine Tasting Tours, to discover the superb extra virgin olive oils that is produced in the Western Cape, South Africa!

Though the Western Cape is well known as wine country, few people are aware of the many farms that are growing olives, and producing some of the finest, award winning extra virgin olive oils.

Although the industry is relatively young, it is busy growing at a tremendous rate, and as the climate here is ideally suited to the growing of olives.

Join us for an olive tasting tour, where you will enjoy tasting and discovering the different characteristics of various olive oils, from some of the producers in the area. We will discuss with you the many health benefits and different culinary uses. When available on the tour, we will enjoy a wonderful lunch, along the route, at one of the traditional South African restaurants.

Included in the Olive Tasting tours, we also include wine tasting at selected wine farms on the route, to taste some of the best wines produced in the country.

There are a few different regions in the Western Cape, so we have selected some of the best options available for our tours.

Tour options:

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Paarl Region Tour

Stellenbosch and Helderberg Region Tours

Coming soon:

Breede River Valley Tours

Overberg Tours

Harvesting time in the Cape

Harvest time in the Western Cape is from about April to June, so all the farms have finished harvesting their olives, and at the moment the Extra virgin Olive Oils are being judged by the S A Olive Council. We are looking forward to the results, to see how many Gold medal winners there are amongst our farms from the Cape Olive Route.

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