Kleinood – Hidden Gem

Kleinood farm lies nestled in the beautiful valley of Jonkershoek. One of the most beautiful valleys in the Stellenbosch region. It is a well known area for wines, but few people are aware of the farms that also produce some wonderful, award winning Extra Virgin Olive oils.

This farms was purchased only a few years ago, in 2000, by Gerard de Villiers, and his wife Libby. Gerhard is a descendant of Jacob de Villiers, who arrived here with the French Huguenots in 1688, and started the wine tradition that is part of this families history. The farm was established on this precious piece of land, surrounded by mountains, a river and a pristine tract of indigenous forest.

They renamed the farm Kleinood, which means something small and precious, which is what this farm means to them. Their wines and olives are carefully cultivated, nurtured, harvested, pressed and bottled with the utmost care and a delicate balance between science and passion.

It is wonderful to see how the family is not only interested in producing the best products on their farm, but they are also keenly aware of the environment, and in their farming practice, they employ the most environmentally friendly practices that is available. They make use of bees, which they have many hives of on the farm, to pollinate the many herbs, indigenous shrubs and flowers in the gardens, as well as the olive groves and orchards. They also use natural methods to combat pests in the olive groves and vineyards.

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced on the farms, has recently won a Gold Award at the S A Olive Awards. The name of the olive oil, De Boerin, was derived from the nickname of  Annetjie Boom, the wife of Jan van Riebeeck's gardener Hendrik Boom. She was fondly called  Annetjie de Boerin by the burghers and was the first inn-keeper and restaurateur in the Cape Colony in 1655.

The De Boerin oil is a blending of 5 varietals of olives, that were carefully selected to make up this full bodied and elegant, but gutsy oil. The olives are hand-picked, cold pressed, and unfiltered. It is bottled on Kleinood in 500ml and 100ml bottles. The acidity content is 0.19%. The date of bottling and number of each individual bottle appear on the back label.

The De Boeren Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a herby nose of green grass, rocket and green tomatoes, with an ample full and silky taste in the mouth. An intense, fragrant oil  with hints of artichoke and walnut and a well balanced sweet and peppery aftertaste. Excellent with crostini, fresh summer salads, vegetables, poultry and red meat dishes.

De Boeren Extra Virgin Olive oil is blended from selected Italian cultivars: Coratina, Favolosa, Delicata, Leccino and Frantoio.

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